Rent-a-car road trip along the Iskar gorge

We quickly chose the most suitable car to rent for the planned trip and off we go from the office in Boyana towards the town of Svoge. We calmly climbed the winding forest road, admiring the nature.

We make a quick stop for lunch at a restaurant near the road called “The Waterfall”. As the name implies, the restaurant is located near the waterfall Zhitolyub, nestled in the rocks. Despite its recent modernization, it still offers its customers deliciously prepared local cuisine.

After our short break we head to the monument “Septemvriytsi”, catching the turnoff for Milanovo. he road winds menacingly, but the view is indescribable. We have nothing to worry about because we have chosen a comfortable and dependable car To reach our end point we make another detour – this time in the direction of Razhevtsi neighborhood. Given the condition of this part of the road, your best bet is to rent a jeep. After crossing the narrow forest road, we finally face a breathtaking view, directly to the Iskar gorge and more precisely – Lakatnik station.

The “Septemvriytsi” monument was built in memory of Milan Petrov, Stefan Trifonov, Yordan Kurtev and Dimitar Boyadzhiev, who died there shortly after the outbreak of the September Uprising.

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